Case Studies

Eastern Europe Roadshow

Background: Wayne’s World Media Group is an integrated marketing communications agency specializing in destination and travel marketing. Their services include all aspects of traditional, digital and social media, event marketing and roadshow production, PR, custom content marketing, partnership building, and brand positioning.

Problem: Wayne’s World Media recently hosted a roadshow consisting of four Eastern European countries. The program consisted of events in 3 separate west coast cities (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego) and required room blocks and event space in each destination. The planning time for the event was short with there only being 3 weeks to have locations and room blocks organized. The budget for the event was also very strict with not much room to expand.

Approach: We met with Wayne’s World Media and representatives from each country to determine the theme, program, and layout for each city. Based on their budget, hotel specifications, and program needs we identified a list of hotels that would meet their criteria. We then submitted RFPs and communicated with individual hotels to negotiate and arrange room blocks and event space on Wayne’s World Media’s behalf. 

Solution: We were able to organize room blocks and event space that met the specifications and budget within the 3-week timeframe in all destinations. By working directly with the hotels we were able to negotiate on behalf of the clients and save them an average of 25% per city. We were able to arrange complimentary meeting space, reduce food and beverage rates, and waive resort fees for event attendees.

Our Leader

Javier Valdez is the Founder and CEO of Myght, Inc. a travel consulting company and host agency focused on creating socially and environmentally responsible travel experiences.  Javier founded Myght on the belief that thoughtful partnerships between socially conscious organizations, professionals, and travelers have the power to transform the tourism industry into a force for good. 

Javier is focused on strategic planning and execution. He has over 7 years of experience in Hotel Corporate Sales and Travel Agency Management in Hawaii. His previously held role as a Sr. Sales Managers for big box hotel where he consistently exceeded his $1,500,000 quota. 

In addition to creating positive change in the tourism industry, Javier is passionate about giving back to his local community. Javier understands the life-changing power of education and travel, therefore dedicates a portion of Myght’s time to support youth travel-focused non-profit initiatives. He has a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management & International Business from Arizona State University. Javier is also a supporter and board member of FLYTE, a youth travel nonprofit. In his free time, Javier enjoys exploring new destinations with his wife. 

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