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Our community of travel advisors are proud to be the first established  network of social entrepreneurs prioritizing sustainable and community-based tourism. All our affiliate agency partners are powered and vetted by Myght, Inc. This is how it works:

Select The country or Theme

Choose the country you would would like to visit or the impact you’d like to create. Click on our interactive map to narrow down the most knowledgeable travel expert for your ideal experience.

Connect with an Advisor

After selecting your desired destination or style of travel we’ll connect you with an experienced advisor. All  journeys are tailored to your needs, expectations, and comfort level. 

Experience the journey

You will have a positive impact no matter which journey you choose to experience. The best part is that you can be as involved as you want in creating the positive impact with your trip.

Why Myght?

At Myght, we are driven by our passion for sustainability and social impact. No matter which culture or continent you want to explore, we know just the people to arrange it. Our purpose-driven network is curated to provide you with a range of experiences, whether you are the adventurous type, a wildlife lover, or interested in wellness or community empowerment. Our  agencies and suppliers design customized, ethical and sustainable experiences for every traveler. 


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