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Our Mission

As a New York State Benefit Corporation, we are committed to empowering community organizations through financial and in-kind donations.

Why Join

If you’re seeking to support a social enterprise support for your organization and want to help us propel the travel industry into a force for good, we have the perfect opportunity. We’re creating a circular support network that benefits everyone involved.

How it begins

Review our program details and submit your application. We will carefully consider your responses in our selective partnership program. An ambassador will be in touch shortly!

be part of the movement

We are looking for responsible travelers to help spread our message.

If you are a non-profit please visit partner program here.


travel planning

connect with an expert travel advisor and see benefits. trust us you'll save on travel


money or travel credit towards future trips through our network


with like minded travelers and learn from each others business


we will donate a percentage of our earnings to a non-profit partner in our network on your behalf.



with our community of experts and travelers on social media


our mission with your community and invite new types of travelers


responsibly with the support our of our travel experts


our values and our travel advisor network


act now

you value of world and have the urge to implement strong sustainable and eco-friendly values on travel

B you

must be 18 years of age and passionate about travel

B bold

must be willing to share insight on improvements event when it's not asked for

B myght

aspire to elevate your community through sustainable & eco-friendly values


Apply now


Most frequent questions and answers

We are looking for conscious, eco travelers that want to travel and empower others while doing so. Becoming a Myght ambassador means you will help spread our mission and encourage people to be more progressive through their travel experiences.

You will have the opportunity to choose from money or credit towards future travel within our network. Commission is based on our earnings and ranges between 10-15% and is based on . Please make sure you read our terms 

We chose Instagram as our go to platform for simplicity. It allows you to share and inspire your network through images and videos.

You don’t have a minimum quota to be part of the program. However, you’ll miss out on exclusive Myght ambassador deals if you don’t meet our monthly initiatives.

We are a small team and we take each applicant seriously. Our turnaround time is two weeks and we will notify you if you are accepted into the program.

We have a network of non-profits we partner with and have worked with for some time. You will be given the opportunity to select one of our partners that will receive a small percentage of each booking earnings. Do you want to see your favorite non-profit partner with us? Just send an intro email to impact@myght.com

There is no time requirement or other commitments. Just send us an email and let us know at impact@myght.com.

No. But, we are looking to work with individuals who are mission aligned and or looking to integrate sustainability into their lives. You can find our values and mission here.

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