Leaders in Sustainable Meeting Management and Site Selection

Our process

From idea to execution, to reconciliation, we strategically support our clients in curating sustainable meetings and events.Our full-service sustainable management allows for maximum impact for event attendees while meeting our client’s financial goals. We don’t just manage your group’s travel – we help create memorable experiences for team members and guests that positively impact the world. From reducing carbon emissions to redirecting food waste or contributing to a community initiative, we will customize a corporate package to create the positive impact you want.

Strategic Planning

  • Provide overall program review and analysis
  • Analyze attendee profiles for customized event recommendations
  • Develop a mindful event plan with the meeting organizer
  • Arrange exclusive offers through Travel Leaders partnership
  • Incorporate strategies to mitigate costs and risks

Program Assessment

  • Identify mindful/sustainable hotel options
  • Create an event RFP and submit to hotels and monitor responses 
  • Gather and organize hotel RFPs via CVENT
  • Evaluate and present hotel offers based on event and budget specifications

Event Negotiation

  • Develop mindful event program and negotiate additional benefits for attendees
  • Advise on hotel selection and negotiate rates and services on your behalf
  • Coordinate hotel site visit prior to the event 
  • Provide quality control and support before the event

Program Launch

  • Facilitate communication with the hotel to solidify event details
  • Provide event registration solutions for attendees
  • Coordinate with meeting owner for the handover process
  • Provide report and analysis of savings and impact after the conclusion of the event

Doing good = positive return

Travel continues to be an integral part of a business. There is also a growing need for companies to be more sustainable. Our services can support your business travel needs as well as help you reach your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, which research shows can add value to your business. 

Value of doing good includes:

  • Stronger community involvement

  • Engaged attendees

  • Authentic communication

  • Talent recruitment

Delivering Sustainable and Responsible Meetings Management 

Traveling with Myght gives you the ability to engage team members, clients, and partners in a truly inspiring and impactful way. It’s where bottom-line results meet social and environmental impact.

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