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Why Myght Travel Network?

We are a network that gives industry agents, social entrepreneurs, and individuals the tools and support needed to build a unique location-independent career that also helps to make a positive impact on the travel industry.

​Myght Travel Network, is a New York State Benefit Corporation, striving to make travel a force for the good by offering travelers responsible travel solutions. We are passionately committed to three things: social good, travel, and – most importantly – you.

Our mission is to improve our world by creating and empowering a network of travel entrepreneurs who support socially-responsible travelers and organizations while supporting economic and environmental development projects.

Our vision is to empower impact travel consultants and bring the industry closer together to align and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are building a network to transform travel into a force for good.

We are leaders, innovators, and lovers of sustainable travel. We believe that people and the planet come first and profit will follow. Myght Travel Network is the first community of travel professionals promoting community based tourism around the world.

"Myght Travel Network is a wonderful asset to the way we do business. At Off Season Adventures, we work with travel advisors and direct consumers to book custom, pre-packaged, and small group trips. Not only are we able to access discounted operational tools to help our business perform better through MTN, we also have access to wonderful travel advisors through the network. We work closely with these advisors to book the perfect tours for their clients, but have also had the opportunity to create unique group tours with the advisors as chaperones. MTN is a great source of like-minded individuals, all looking to experience the world in different ways. Thank you MTN for being a huge part of our success!"
Tanner Knorr
CEO at Off Season Adventures

Responsible Partner Benefits

Program Highlights & Benefits

  • Preferred supplier status
  • Exclusive invitation to attend the annual Be Myght Travel Conference for networking
    with frontline travel experts and agency owners
  • Opportunity to train and update Myght travel consultants through webinars, intranet postings and meetings
  • Access to increase sales , which primarily
    benefit our preferred suppliers

Program Requirements

  • Term: Annual
  • Management Fee For All Sales: Annual
  • Marketing Commitment : Minimum Applies
  • Performance Incentives: Annual
  • Sales Reporting: Annual
  • Liability Insurance: Supplier will at all times maintain commercial general liability insurance and business liability insurance.

Customers are choosing sustainability

A third of consumers choose brands based on their social and environmental impact, and community based tourism is on the rise. Are you ready?

Placing a premium on sustainability

66% of global consumers surveyed are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.


Sales of consumer goods from brands with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability have grown more than 4% globally, while those without grew less than 1%.

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