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Rise with Myght

When your readers are inspired to travel, give them access to a trusted travel network.

Turn forward-thinking readers into purpose-driven travelers.

Our Mission

As a New York State Benefit Corporation, we are committed to empowering travelers and travel entrepreneurs create positive impact through travel experiences.

Our Beliefs

We believe that our partners know how to best serve their communities. We believe in supporting like-minded organizations in creating new opportunities for their network.

Why partner

Gain an additional revenue stream for your organization and help us propel the travel industry into a force for good. Our partnership opportunity creates a circular support network that benefits everyone involved.

How it begins

Review our sample candidate description and program FAQs prior to submitting your application. We encourage you to carefully consider your responses for our selective partnership program.

How the program works

Step 1

Complete the application form, review our terms and conditions (check all boxes), and submit! We will be in touch soon. 

Step 2

Once you’ve been approved as a Myght Partner, our community account manager will collaborate with you to develop a trip theme aligned with your mission and brand.

Step 3

Upon agreement for the theme, our community manager will design a trip and develop a custom landing page. See a recent collaboration example.

Step 4

After the trip design and landing page is finalized, our community manager will work with you to develop a custom markup or  commission strategy. This will be your new revenue stream!


Step 5

You are ready to start promoting you custom-designed trip with your community! We can assist in creating marketing content, but it will be up to you to utilize your network to promote your custom trip.  


Step 6

When a traveler from your network decides to travel through our network we will take care of the booking requests. Once the traveler’s trip is complete, you will get paid the markup or commission per our partnership agreement and terms. 

Sample Candidate for Myght

B Corp or Benefit Corporation status

Socially-responsible mission and values

Socially-conscious clients, readership, and/or social network

Does NOT offer travel, air, hotel, or travel insurance services

Apply now


Most frequent questions and answers

A Myght partner is a conscious, eco, and forward thinking organization that aims to inspire their community to live and implement sustainability in all aspects of their life. Myght partners help spread our mission and encourage people to be more progressive and purposeful through their travel experiences.

We operate our travel planning to ensure all our travelers are protected. We have included an indemnity clause in our terms and conditions to ensure all responsibility falls on Myght, not Myght partners.

The sky is the limit! When you become a Myght partner, your revenue increases with the number of travelers from your network who travel with Myght. You will be able to choose from a  commission or markup structure.

There’s no minimum quota to be part of the program. However, you’ll gain access to exciting and exclusive Myght partner deals by meeting monthly initiatives!

We appreciate you taking the time to submit thoughtful application responses, and we will carefully review each. You will be notified within 2 weeks if your organization has been accepted into our program! 

Myght supports several youth travel and socially responsible nonprofits by donating a small percentage of all completed trips. Since each trip allows us to donate a little more, you have the opportunity to select which nonprofit you’d like your traveler’s trips proceeds to be donated. These donations come from Myght, not your commission,  so you will earn all the commissions or markups agreed upon in our partnership agreement. Do you want to see your favorite non-profit partner with us? Just send an intro email to impact@myght.com

You can leave the Myght partner program at anytime, however we hope you’ll continue to take part in helping transforming the travel industry into a force for good! Simply send us an email to let us know why you’re opting out. However, if at any time you’d like to continue to be a Myght partner,  we will welcome previously approved organizations with open arms. 

You are still eligible to apply without Benefit or B Corp designation. In our partners, we are simply looking for socially responsible values and mission-driven organizations. A focus on sustainability or sustainable travel is a plus!

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