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About Myght

Founded with the desire to help companies make a positive impact, our agency focuses on four core values: Sustainability, Authenticity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness.

Social Impact is at the Heart of Everything We Do

We’re as passionate as you are about making the world a better place. That’s why we take the time to collaborate with you to understand your goals. You can trust us to be open, honest, and transparent every step of the way. From strengthening your brand messaging to helping your content reach new audiences, we’ll customize solutions that simply make sense for your business.

Our Team

Javier Valdez

Javier Valdez


Before founding Myght, Javier Valdez, CEO, spent over six years working at a global hotel chain and gained experience in operations, marketing, revenue and sales, and event management. As an entrepreneur he’s gained valuable experience knowledge in digital ads, SEO, website development and customer management.

He also is the co-founder of Meet Virtually, LLC and grew the company to 7-figures within 12 months. Due to Meet Virtually’s success, Javier was recruited to the 2022 cohort for the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education-Scaling Program, an 8-week workshop and mentorship program led by top business leaders from around the world. This experience helped solidify Javier’s commitment to helping Latino/Latina-owned businesses reach their goals through digital marketing.

Myght’s tight-knit team has many years of experience in digital marketing, having spearheaded projects for clients in a diverse range of industries. Under Javier’s guidance, Myght works to find solutions that will help you tap into your company’s full potential. 

Our Values

We never waver on our commitment to promoting small businesses in the social impact space. Our services reflect the values that we live and breathe:


We focus on making a contribution at the economic, environmental, and social levels.


We do our work with passion and a clear sense of purpose, always staying true to our ethos.


Honoring, uplifting, and celebrating this world’s rich diversity is one of our biggest priorities.


Catering our services to underserved groups — including people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and women — is important to us.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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